Anti-Glare Lens Treatment

Standard lenses can reflect up to 18 percent of light causing glare and eyestrain from sources such as fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and headlights. An anti-glare lens treatment has only 1% of light reflected off the surface of the lens.

With 99% of light passing through your lenses to your eyes, glare, and eyestrain is reduced to a minimum. In comparison to standard lenses you will also see much clearer and sharper.

Anti-glare lens treatment makes driving at night safer too. It virtually eliminates glare from oncoming headlights and street lights. Overhead fluorescent lights and computer screens can cause glare and eyestrain which will be minimized with an anti-glare lens treatment.

Anti-glare lens treatment also eliminates light reflecting off the surface of your lenses. After all, you are choosing your frames to enhance your appearance. You want others to see your eyes, and not be distracted by the glare reflecting off your lenses.

Lenses treated with anti-glare enhance the scratch resistant properties of standard scratch resistant lenses and will help repel water, fingerprints, oil and dust. This allows you to spend less time cleaning them… and a longer life for your lenses.

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