North Dakota Eye Clinic can meet all your family eye care needs with services like these, utilizing the most current procedures and instruments:

1.Cataracts: Overview


3.Cataract Surgery: Laser

4.Who is a Good Candidate for Refractive Surgery

5.LASIK: Introduction

6.Difference between LASIK and PRK

7.LASIK: All-Laser – During the Procedure

8.Retinal Detachment: Overview

9.Blepharoplasty: Overview

10.Glaucoma: Introduction

11.Glaucoma: Overview

12.Glaucoma: Treatment Overview

13.Diabetes: Overview

14.Diabetic Retinopathy: Overview

15.Macular Degeneration: Introduction

16.Macular Degeneration: Overview

17.Astigmatism: Overview

Laser Surgery:

Medical Treatment:

Contact Lenses (all types):

We specialize in successfully fitting patients with problem contact lens fits.

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