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North Dakota Eye Clinic is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 4 ratings.

I’ve worn glasses and contacts since I was nine. I love to bake, so seeing recipes and measurements is very important to me. I sometimes have to depend on other family members for transportation, so the fact that I could have my cataract surgery and other visits right here in Thief River Falls was very convenient. Dr. Sczepanski and his clinic staff gave me all the information I needed before and after my surgery.

Mary Ellen Bubolz
Cataract Surgery/Thief River Falls, MN
I’m very active, whether it’s golf or football or softball or being at the lake in the water. MyLASIK surgery with Dr. Sczepanski has made things a lot easier, a lot more convenient. I will always recommend North Dakota Eye Clinic because I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Dr. Sczepanski made everything very easy, if I had the chance to do it again I would. It was totally worth it. I’m seeing clear all the time.

Alex Kuznia
LASIK Surgery/Grand Forks, ND
My vision was blurry, even with my glasses. I’ve worn glasses my whole life, but when I developed cataracts in both eyes I couldn’t see well, either close up or at a distance. I went to the North Dakota Eye Clinic and had cataract surgery on one eye, then the other two weeks later. It was painless and quick. Now I only need glasses for reading. I even bought my first pair of sunglasses! Cataract surgery at the North Dakota Eye Clinic was a breeze.

Kathy Benson
Cataract Surgery/Grand Forks, ND
After my first consultation with Dr. Sczepanski I knew he was the one to perform my LASIK surgery. I needed more convenience. Dr. Sczepanski and his staff members were by my side from start to finish and I could see better right away. The whole experience was reassuring, painless – and my vision correction is an amazing improvement.

Tracy Boone
LASIK Surgery/Crookston, MN

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